Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Eat FULLYRAW And Live Socially

by Kristina

Do you feel like it is too hard to eat raw and still keep your social life? I’m here to tell you that being FullyRaw is about sharing your lifestyle and your passion for eating healthy foods with the world! When we eat foods that make us feel good, we want to share this amazing feeling with family and friends as well! Shine bright and enjoy your social life, even if you are eating raw! Here are my top tips and tricks on how you can Live FullyRaw and Eat Socially!

Before I share my tips and tricks, I want to share a few important realizations that I have had. Realize that our society highly revolves around food. Relationships are more than just about food - relationships include your relationship with yourself and with others. I've realized that being raw has allowed me to bond with people on a much deeper level. My interactions with people are not just nonchalant meetings over lunch, but they include activities that interest both of us, and we have FUN doing them! We go running, walking, co-operating, rock climbing, swimming, surfing, tree hugging, etc. We get in an activity that we both enjoy, and we get the chance to talk more because our mouths aren't filled with food.

Here are my simple tips and tricks to help you increase your social life when eating FullyRaw:

  • Invite people over for dinner. Make them the BEST raw meal ever. SHARE it with them. Introduce your passion to them and allow them to be exposed and potentially allow them to become passionate about it as well.
  • When you go to a restaurant, call before and ask what their options may be. Order a salad or a fruit plate.
  • You can even bring your own food to a restaurant! I share my story about how I handled eating dinner at a restaurant for my sister's birthday in my youtube video on my channel.
  • Create and share a fun picnic!
  • Use your online resources such as Happy Cow or and learn about your local community. Find your nearest raw vegan restaurant, juice stores, etc. ASK the chefs if they don't mind preparing something for you. They don't mind, and if they do, they will let you know.
  • Find a potluck! Bring fruit to share!
  • Go to a movie? Bring your own baggie of fruit or carrots or okra or dates! Dates are WAY better than popcorn lol!
  • Create a community of friends with the same common interest as you.

Even when you think that you are alone, you are NOT alone. There are SO many out there who want to be healthy who feel the same way. Get on our FullyRawKristina facebook page ( Post and ask if there are people on your area. Get on and search for meetups. Look on 30 bananas a day. If you're in Houston, come hang out at Rawfully Organic ( We have the LARGEST raw food vegan co-op in the US with the most amazing people! CREATE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

Use these simple ideas to help you branch out in your community. When you share this gift with others, you not only feel good about yourself, but you make others feel good as well! You are sharing the amazing gift of health with them by living as an example! What a blessing!


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